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THE C2D1 Haunting

In the winter of 1985 a dozen SUNY Geneseo college students, living in the dorm Erie Hall were terrorized by an extreme haunting. Lasting for several months, students eventually knew to stay away from room C2D1 where a full-bodied apparition was sighted and photographed, strange disembodied voices were heard (that were eventually recorded) and moving objects witnessed. What makes this extreme haunting particularly compelling and unique is not just the duration (it lasted for several months) but its extreme intensity: the large number of credible witnesses (including a priest, a college professor, and several parents), the vicious physical attacks and the amount of surviving historical evidence. Key Witness, Christopher Di Cesare, has extensive details about the haunting at

The haunting is a story that "wants" to be told. CITA Productions is honored to have had the opportunity to assist with a number of projects that help share this incredible story.

The Award Winning Film
"Please Talk With Me"
30th Anniversary Edition


Please Talk With Me is dedicated to the retelling a portion of the C2D1 Haunting. Starring Kyle Shea and Aaron Katter, this docu-thriller is directed by Mara Katria (EiA Studios) and produced by William Edwards (CITA Productions). PTWM premiered at the prestigious SCARE-A-CON Festival  in 2012 and went on to receive the honor of Best Director at Wilson Film Fest in 2013 and Best Feature at Spirit Quest Film Fest in 2014!  The 30th Anniversary Edition is an adaption of the original film including new footage and premiered at the C2D1 Haunting 30th Anniversary Paranormal Symposium in 2015.

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The C2D1 Haunting 30th Anniversary
Paranormal Symposium
Saturday October 17th, 2015

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015 at SUNY Geneseo, in beautiful Geneseo NY, a paranormal symposium occurred to explore the C2D1 haunting and honor the survivors at the exact location where the haunting occurred!

Events included a vendor area, live musical concert by Mr. Paul Davie; premiere of the 30th Anniversary edition of the award winning film, "Please, talk with me", an unprecedented haunted survivor panel; six unique professional lectures focusing on aspects of the C2D1 Haunting; and a keynote address by author, Mr. Christopher Di Cesare, the ‘Ghost Boy of Geneseo’ as seen on SyFy and heard on Coast to Coast AM. And for those brave adventurers, the event ended with a campus ghost walk led by Mr. Christopher Di Cesare and John Jeff Ungar.

The legend of the C2D1 Haunting has grown over the past 30 years and is now internationally known. This once-in-a-lifetime event was part of the college’s Homecoming Weekend.

C2D1 Haunting
The C2D1 Haunting Symposium Website

The C2D1 Haunting
by Tim Shaw

C2D1 Haunting 2016

Author and Ordained Spiritualist Minister Tim Shaw takes a detailed look at the legendary
C2D1 haunting and shares the many horrifying experiences endured by the key witnesses.

The C2D1 Haunting is now available on
both in print ($12.95 USD) or Kindle ($5.99 USD)

Note: This edition is a refresh update to the first edition (Please Talk With Me - 2012). The text is largely the same with some alternate photographs and an update to "The Survivors" section.

Surviving Evidence
by Christopher Di Cesare

Survivng Evidence 

Christopher Di Cesare has released his memoir, Surviving Evidence, (Dark Moon Press) which offers a compelling first-hand accounting of the infamous extreme haunting from the person who found himself at its center … and survived it. CITA Productions is proud to support Christopher Di Cesare, who is an accomplished lecturer and has appeared on Coast to Coast AM and SyFy. Christopher is also an integral team member working on CITA Productions projects. The Postscript of the 30th Anniversary Edition was written by William J. Edwards (CITA Productions).

The K2 Killaz
Paranormal Comedy

The K2 Killaz are investigating the Haunted Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY. Join G Looking, Essence, IQ, and Bouncer as they explore the hotel for their first... err 100th ghost Investigation. Are they ready? They’ve got a bad a$$ attitude! But will that be enough for them to make it through the night?!

Now available on
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The short film was produced by CITA Productions working with the very talented Kerry Lyon and Christopher Di Cesare.  Special thanks to Award Winning Director, Mara Katria (EiA Studios), for lending her talents in support of the project. K2 Killaz premiered at SCARE-A-CON on September 13th, 2014.

photo shoot at shanley
The completion of filming at the Shanley Hotel

CITA Productions would like to thank the Shanley Hotel "family" and Sal Nicosia for their assistance with this project. Unfortunately, Sal passed away on  July 5, 2016.  His Fiancee, Teresa, and son, Sal Jr., along with the rest of the Shanley Hotel "family" would like to keep the hotel up and running in his honor. Please visit the Shanley Hotel to support their efforts.
Sal, you will be missed!

The Power and Passion of Freemasonry
by George Peter

Power and Passion of Freemasonry

What is the Ground plan of Masonry?
o    Instruction

o    Because no man living is too wise to learn

Who are entitled to knowledge?
o    All men that have a desire to gain it, and abilities to improve.

Illustrations of Masonry
Lectures in the First Degree
William Preston, 1787

On August 10, 2008, George Peter laid to rest his working tools. Before his untimely passing to the Celestial Lodge, he asked William Edwards (CITA Productions) to help finalize the book project for publication -- an honor indeed! For the thoughtful Mason, there will be much to study and reflect upon within the following pages. After  Wiliam's own personal study and contemplation of George’s writings, he has found the essence of  Peter's approach to Freemasonry to encompass the principles of Brotherhood, Education and Service. Like Peter,  Edwards' believes that by being committed to creating a culture that nurtures brotherhood, education and service, this will allow the Power and Passion of Freemasonry to flourish.

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